Why Buy a Used Watch?

Quality watches such as Rolex, Breitling and Omega are expensive. And while you may consider that expense a good investment (and we would agree), it’s definitely worth saving money on your initial outlay by buying your watch pre-owned rather than brand new.


As with pretty much anything you buy, the biggest depreciation in value occurs the moment you walk out of the shop. After this initial hit, the deprecation in the value of your quality watch will slow considerably. You can side step this initial loss – which can be quite large – by buying your watch pre-owned.

Furthermore, buying your watch pre-owned will save you value added tax (VAT). On the purchase of a new watch you will be paying 20% VAT in the UK, whereas the majority of pre-owned retailers are only required to charge VAT on the profit they make. On a watch that costs thousands of pounds, that is a considerable saving and it will be reflected in the price you pay.


What about selling your pre-owned watch? More good news. If you decide to sell your pre-owned watch after a period of time, you will find the hit on your wallet much less than had you bought the watch new. In some cases, dependent on the model and market forces, there will be no loss or the watch may even have increased in value.


Need another reason? How about the sheer variety of watches available to you. The chances are you will find a pre-owned watch to suit your taste, perhaps even a discontinued model you once had your eye on. You may decide to purchase a watch made in your birth year for that added special touch.

Where to buy?

Whatever pre-owned watch you decide to buy, it’s important that you purchase it from a trustworthy retailer who can verify its authenticity and provide you with a good warranty. At Chains of Gold we do just that. And while it’s not always possible to supply original paperwork with our watches, we do verify them as genuine. We also service and warranty each for your piece of mind. And in all cases, your watch will arrive boxed, especially important when it has been bought as a gift.

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