The Torque Bangle – A (Very) Brief History

One of the fabulous things about modern-day jewellery is what has come before it. That most rich and varied history of human decoration and adornment, the meaning given to that jewellery in times gone by, and the lifestyle it implies of the wearer. Of all the items in jeweller’s windows today, one of the most important to consider in terms of its history is the simple gold torque (torc) bangle. While your eyes my dart over this unassuming item of wrist wear, moving quickly onto more sparkly pieces, torques have been expertly made and worn by humans for thousands of years. The torque was a status symbol, a sign of wealth and nobility, it denoted a brave warrior. It is one of the oldest and most enduring styles of jewellery to have ever existed.

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Personalised Jewellery for Mums

A great deal of the jewellery we engrave is being personalised with a mummy in mind! Whether that’s the addition of a child’s name, date of birth, a message of thanks and of love or even an engraving of a child’s drawing or handwritten message. Jewellery is is always a welcome gift for mum, but an engraved message adds a thoughtful touch to an already special present. Whether it’s a silver locket necklace or a solid gold bracelet, by adding an engraving you can be sure it’s a piece of jewellery she will treasure forever.

Do we have you convinced? Good. Below are our top 5 best sellers when it comes to personalised jewellery for mums.

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Caring For Your Jewellery On Holiday

It’s that time of year when we enjoy our very well-earned holidays! And of course we all want to look good, both by the pool and on the beach. The Chains of Gold team visited Ibiza this summer (unfortunately none of us looked like the woman above in our bikinis), and we spotted a lot of expensive jewellery being worn on the beach, in the sea and in the hotel pool. So we thought we would write this guide to help you care for your jewellery on holiday. After all, much like your holiday, solid gold jewellery isn’t cheap and you want it to last!

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