Caring For Your Jewellery On Holiday

It’s that time of year when we enjoy our very well-earned holidays! And of course we all want to look good, both by the pool and on the beach. The Chains of Gold team visited Ibiza this summer (unfortunately none of us looked like the woman above in our bikinis), and we spotted a lot of expensive jewellery being worn on the beach, in the sea and in the hotel pool. So we thought we would write this guide to help you care for your jewellery on holiday. After all, much like your holiday, solid gold jewellery isn’t cheap and you want it to last!

Chlorine will ruin your gold jewellery

Chlorine will react with the alloys used within the gold, causing it to tarnish and even crack beyond repair.

Chlorine reacts specifically with the copper and nickel portions of gold jewellery alloys.

Copper and silver are the primary alloys for yellow and rose gold and nickel is the primary alloy for white gold.

Chlorine dissolves the copper and nickel, and causes a perfectly good and sometimes new piece of jewellery to break.

So keep your gold jewellery out of the pool!

Sea water and sand will ruin your gold jewellery

Sand is very abrasive and will damage jewellery.

Sea water is corrosive, especially to copper so be extra careful with yellow and rose gold jewellery.

When you enter the sea, your skin shrinks, so unless you have very tight fitting rings, you will run the risk of losing them.

So keep your gold jewellery off the beach!

We suggest…

Buy yourself some inexpensive costume jewellery that you can throw away at the end of your holiday.

If you are like us and unable to go anywhere without earrings, cheap costume studs or hoops will look great for the short while you need them.

If you really want your wedding and engagement rings to last you a lifetime, keep them in your hotel safe when you are out in the water.

Save your beautiful jewellery for the evening to compliment your sun-kissed skin.

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